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Justice Knights: Penumbra by mellocat Justice Knights: Penumbra by mellocat

Name: Scott Spector
Secret Identity: Penumbra
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Birthday: October 15th
Height: 5'8"

Can control shadows which can be used as portals. He can teleport certain objects and one other person with him by touch. He can also manipulate the darkness by becoming one with the shadow. He doesn't know it, but if he really focused his powers he could create a tunnel from the darkness that would send his enemies to perish in another dimension. Yet, it will take an awful lot out of him, almost to the verge of death. Physically really fit, but no trained fighting skills. He has the most muscles in his legs cause he does a lot of kicking, when he isn't running away from his enemies

Tends to use 2 small black daggers he forms out of darkness.

Light can weaken his power or make him stronger depending on how it is being used. (If it is being used to cast shadow or cast directly on him)

Founding member of Justice Knights
Leader of Paladins for Peril
Occupation: Bartender

Scott has little leadership skills, but a great sense of justice. He is always watching out for the members on his team. When it comes to himself, he is often confused and lost, but is confident that being a hero is the best thing in the world. Socially, he has always been very generous and compassionate. He is real laid-back and it takes a lot to get him angry. A lot of people took advantage of his friendship when he was wealthy, but he is honestly a real great guy at heart. Horrible at taking anything seriously, but luckily for us saving the world isn't on that list. 

Scott was born into a rich household without a mother whom had died before he could walk. He saw some pictures of her but never really felt too sad about her because he never knew her. Unlike other children, Scott was content with it just being him and his father. If his dad was ever sad about it, he never let it show around Scott. His father was a successful businessman. He owned a company that sold eye wear, Spector Specs. He tried his best to raise him right as a single parent. Even though he usually went away a lot on business trips, he wasn't the type of father to just leave his son at home. He took the child everywhere, he adored his son and Scott idolized him. His father may have even tried too hard to make Scott happy, because he ended up becoming a little spoiled. Everything was given to him except brains. He was never too intelligent even when he had the best tutors given at hand. Yet, his father never really worried about it. His dad was always the optimist and still saw potential in his son. Though he wasn't very smart, he was still loved by many for his charismatic personality. Scott was always in high spirits and a joyful person to be around. Due to his well financed living environment, he was always surrounded by people, whether the many servants at home or the children at school who hoped to reap the rewards of being friends with him. He did have two actual friends named Peter and Sandra. They stuck together like glue from elementary years up to high school. 
The last year of high school was the end of all that was good in Scott's life. His best friends Peter and Sandra started dating which made his life really awkward. He started hanging out with popular chicks to bid his time and going to stupid parties where he stayed drunk all night long. His dad was extremely disappointed when he found out about Scott's new hobbies. To make matters worse, his father lost his company. It was bought out from underneath him. The Spector family lost all their money and Scott lost all hope of a future. His father never saved up a special college fund for him. He figured he'd pay for the whole thing when the time came around. Scott wasn't smart enough to get any scholarships he applied for. Not that he actually had any dreams anyway. They were forced to sell their big home and some of their old stuff in return for some extra cash. Many of Scott's old 'friends' turned their back on him and finding his current predicament laughable. He saw the transformation of how people treated him differently. People he had thought were there for him for years all just wanted a piece of the physical gifts that came with his friendship. He tried hard not to stay too disheartened by it, but more booze always seemed to be the answer. After Scott graduated high school, they moved out from the suburban life and lived in a city full of slums and crime. Scott had never seen such devastation and such pain. He had never seen such poverty. He would've never imagined that he would become part if it. He and his father desperately searched for work dreading they would become one with the streets and the people crawling for scraps in the alleyways. They were living together with the little remains of his father's finance, though their relationship had become very rocky for the first time in their lives. It was especially difficult for Scott to find a job, whom never worked a day in his life before. With no experience of anything, no one would hire him. His father was more lucky and got a job at an eye physicians' place. He still had connections to many ophthalmologists from his previous job. Life slowly got better even though they'd never get back to that place of riches ever again. 
Scott still felt rather uncomfortable and out of place. Here he had no friends. He was a man without a future. He was a wreck. On the outside he retained the charismatic personality, but on the inside he was scrambled. He actually always knew he wouldn't surmount to anything. Even if his father hadn't lost his company, Scott had no dreams he pursued and no colleges he had in mind. He wanted to do something important in his life, something memorable for the history books. He struggled with the thoughts of his uselessness and in-capabilities. Yet, he tried his bet to move forward.  He first gotta a job at a marketplace. He met many different people working there. Eventually he ran into somebody who offered him a job at a bar as a bartender. He graciously accepted of course, especially because the pay was higher than his current wage. Surprisingly, he also cut his drinking habit, even though he worked constantly around liquor. Maybe it was because it was at a crummy joint and a nasty job. Even worse as a newbie, he got the chaotic late shift, full of rambling loud men. It was a horrible job at a late hour and at this particular bar. He was responsible for kicking out the sleeping drunks, breaking up rambunctious fights, and cleaning the barf and shit that was left in excess amounts everywhere. 
One day an old man gave him a gift. He was a regular customer and Scott often chatted up with him. He was old and sick with cancer. He came after the chaotic hours when Scott was usually mopping the floor. The man was out of money and out of time. He was expected to die within two weeks. He had spent the rest of his money repaying old debts. It was just as well because the man had no family. He was a war veteran who never got married. To pay for a drink, he gave Scott a peculiar looking gemstone object. He insisted that Scott should take it even though he refused several times. The man kept on prodding, and Scott eventually gave in when he said to respect an 'old mans dying wish.'
Early in the morning he was finally let out of work. He stumbled back to his home. He was real tired and it was still very dark when he arrived at his dinky apartment room. He crumbed in his bag looking for his wallet but instead pulled out the stone. It gleamed a dim glow. For some reason with his dad sleeping on the couch beside him, his thoughts flickered to what they used to live in. In a flash he blinked, and looking around he noticed he was in the old mansion. He knew it was present because there was dust everywhere. The poor thing was left abandoned and unsold. Some of their old belongings still laid around. He shook his head swearing this must be some weird dream because he was only in the apartment seconds ago. Yet, as he thought about the apartment, he was  there in a flash. He went to bed putting the stone back in his bag, to shocked by what had happened. When he awoke later that day, he had ready forgotten about the stone. He dressed up for a cafe get together with his friends. As he put the bag on his shoulders his thoughts focused on his day at the cafe. Again in a blink of an eye, he came out from a shadowy crevice to find himself in the cafe. He shook open his bag and thought of the old man at the bar, and suddenly he was at the bar! Dizzy, he walked out removing the stone from his bag with close examination. Shuddering he thought of his apartment, and sure enough he was there and scrambled to place it in his desk drawer and left for the cafe as normal human people do. 
After a week he finally got the nerve to open up the drawer with the stone. He observed it closely, even used a magnifying glass. Outside, screams could be heard in the alley way beside his home. As he thought of it, he was there. A teenage boy was being mugged by some thugs. Scott was in the shadows, stunned. He didn't want to stand by and do nothing so he grabbed a trash bag and hurled it at the thugs. They turned to look at him and the boy ran off. Before they could get a better look at Scott, he thought of his apartment and zapped back there. He breathed deeply, taken aback by his zesty encounter. Yet he enjoyed the rush and smiled at the gem. 

Likes: Long walks in the park, admiring sunset, loud parties, fighting crime, softie for animals. 
Dislikes: Taking anything seriously
Talents: Juggling beer bottles and Good cook
Flaws: Math, Writing, Science, Commitment

Orientation: Bisexual, but not much of the romantic type. Becomes very awkward and shy in real serious relationships.
Status: Single 

Dream:after working at the bar for so long he finally developed a goal in life; to work at a fancy bar at an old mansion or casino or something. He wants to wear a bow and a suit to work...maybe get a picture with someone famous.
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Folded-Note Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Student General Artist
HE is Not single
mellocat Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014  Student General Artist
SacredLugia Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
his headshot really reminds me of someone maybe scott from xmen hurrhurr, but i'm not sure. he's like super cute and hot at the same time wtf

status: sexually assaulted by sacredlugia xoxoxo
mellocat Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Student General Artist
he still needs a ton of work, i just wanna finish drawing all of my babes...4 more left
plus i'm not sure if i mentioned this too you, but i'm doing an art trade with this girl for a plush of my fursona so i owe her so much art omg

i hope he looks like scott from xmen cause scott is beautiful omg
im gonna cry im so happy he's back i needed him

i lightened his hair up since you saw it in my st.ash cause i realized it was nearly the exact same shade as Julius'? 

status: sexually assaulted by everyone
Scott: "Now i can never get married...."
SacredLugia Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Aughh omg I know that feel; designing OCs and then actually putting them to paper (tablet?) is just such a draining process.
Oh my gosh, like a real actual tangible plush?? That's adorable oh my gosh :heart:

Scott is my favorite ever; i need to catch up on the movies sO THAT HE COMES BACK. //cry

Heheee. Secretly he's related to Julius lmao.

he is such a bae like i can't
mellocat Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Student General Artist
im super psyched if i could finish my part already

the ending was the best
personally i feel xmen first class was much better but eh
cookiiecats Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Student Digital Artist
ooo i love his ability 
mellocat Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Student General Artist
ya i wanted to create a dude who uses darkness but for a force of good! 
i created him a few years ago but this is my first time drawing him in color
cookiiecats Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Student Digital Artist
oooo thats interesting
CootieSmoothie Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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